** DOWNLOAD RTC ** (Version 0.46)

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** DOWNLOAD RTC ** (Version 0.46)

Post by George Gilbert » 3-Dec-07 09:25

The latest version of RTC can always be downloaded from the RTC Website:


For notes on the new features in this and previous versions, please see the RTC Development History

Latest Version 0.46, 1 December 2007

Changes since V0.45:

- Game: Improved handling of multiple animations
- Game: Looping sounds now compatible with plot screens
- Game: Fixed problem with items being thrown inside walls
- Game: Fixed crash when trying to rotate wallitems using actions
- Game: Fixed crash when trying to pick up an item that has a NULL bitmap

- Engine: Further improvements in performance
- Engine: Duration of each animation frame can now be set individually

- Editor: Can now clone ceiling pit objects
- Editor: Default light levels now set correctly when adding a new level
- Editor: Editor now warns if you try to delete an object that is used in a hint
- Editor: Fixed crash when changing parameters from something to NULL
- Editor: Fixed crash when cancelling a change to contents of a chest

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