[Fixed for V0.47] Thief bug in RTC

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[Fixed for V0.47] Thief bug in RTC

Post by danielcg » 9-Mar-08 08:03

When I am on open floor, the thief entered into invisible moveable wall (inactive at this time), then I change my character view 180 degree which causes invisible moveable wall become active. The thief can steal something from me while he is in moveable wall. However, the thief immediately lose the thing due to moveable wall. I can still attack and destroy the thief inside active moveable wall but when I deactivate moveable wall, the floor do not have anything. I lost a item permanently!

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Post by George Gilbert » 9-Mar-08 10:06

Ooooh - that's a good one - very obscure!

Now fixed for V0.47

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