** DOWNLOAD RTC ** (Version 0.47)

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** DOWNLOAD RTC ** (Version 0.47)

Post by George Gilbert » 22-Mar-08 15:15

The latest version of RTC can always be downloaded from the RTC Website:


For notes on the new features in this and previous versions, please see the RTC Development History

Latest Version 0.47, 22 March 2008

Changes since V0.46:

- Game: Fixed display problem with very large entrance bitmaps
- Game: Fixed distortion of view when playing in windowed mode
- Game: Mouse now shown when dragging game window in windowed mode
- Game: Weapon hit graphic can now use alpha channel if present
- Game: Animated bitmaps now work for the entrance graphics
- Game: Monsters now don’t try and attack a party with no members
- Game: Party now requires members to pick up objects from an alcove
- Game: Items now handled properly when dropped inside a movable wall

- Engine: Added ability to edit in game text strings
- Engine: Added new opby PARTY_EMPTY
- Engine: Added new action ACTION_ADD_CHARACTER_TO_PARTY
- Engine: Added new action ACTION_SAVE_GAME
- Engine: Added new action ACTION_QUIT_GAME
- Engine: Added extra buttons for plot screens

- Editor: Can now select OBJECT as shooter type
- Editor: New resources are easier to find when trying to select them
- Editor: Fixed an intermittent problem with playing some sound files

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