Crafts and Merchants(Pathfinder)

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Crafts and Merchants(Pathfinder)

Post by LivLoveLif » 4-Jun-18 03:46

Hello! I have been a DM for a couple of years now, and I have a couple of quick questions. I have recently switched from DND to Pathfinder and a big struggle I have is crafting. I am quite lost on what things people would craft. Does anyone have a list of crafting terms or something? I am making a really big city and I am trying to create large craftsman area and I was really hoping for a list of things that Craftsman would master. Also, I found a lot of stuff on this section of a city called Merchant. Like a merchant corner or something, but I am a bit confused on how it is different then a regular market or even Craftsmen. Can anyone clarify the separation between those 3 things? Thank you so much for any help!

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Re: Crafts and Merchants(Pathfinder)

Post by Sophia » 4-Jun-18 18:37

I am not sure about the specific problem you're having but in general I'd suggest that you read the Pathfinder books and materials carefully and they may give you some answers.

My guess that you do not read things carefully is based on the fact that this forum rather obviously is not a D&D forum, despite the name. :mrgreen:

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Re: Crafts and Merchants(Pathfinder)

Post by Ameena » 7-Jun-18 14:41

Yeah, haven't played Pathfinder myself...played a lot of DnD 4th Edition, though. But as Sophia says, this isn't specifically a DnD forum (though some of us are up for chatting about it ;)). It's a forum originally dedicated to an entirely unrelated game called Dungeon Master which came out back in 1987 on the Atari and other such systems :).
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