Diabolical demon director, any clue

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Diabolical demon director, any clue

Post by arriere » 24-Apr-11 23:01

Hi again guys,

I am still far from ending that F...... game by myself, even playing 20 years after discovering it.I am stuck in the diabolical demon director, and I am gettin mad about how to get out of there. I have redone my path several times, used the maps, and I still can't figure out the way.
1- Has any one any idea about how to reach the famous "dragons and invisible walls" part. I have read here and tehre about this part and I have not yet visited it. So I guess I have probably missed something there.
2- Has anyone any idea about how to pass the pit on 9-15-2, the one next to "trust me, enter the pit". THere seem to be a teleporter behind it, but i have tried about everything, and I can't get to open it...

Thanks a lot for any clue.

PS: merci Linflas, mais là mon identifiant prend tout son sens. J'en prends plein les dents avec ce p... de jeu, et je vois venir à grands pas le recommencement au départ mais comme dirait l'autre, "on est pas trop vieux pour ces conneries"...

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Re: Diabolical demon director, any clue

Post by Ameena » 24-Apr-11 23:57

By "dragons and invisible walls", I'm guessing you mean the dragon maze? The bit where nearly every square is a false wall and you keep finding yourself stepping out in front of random dragons, yes? That's in Ros and
you need to go there because that's where the Ros key is, the Emerald Key, which is found on the floor in the maze
. If I remember rightly, along one of the corridors from the starting altar (ie from when you enter Ros from the Junction of the Ways, you know how you get randomly teleported to one of several different start points for that particular Way?), there is a false wall on the left, directly behind which is a flight of stairs. Go up these and you'll be in a room with scary giant scorpions. There's not much here besides another flight of stairs (I think it's visible but if not, bash yourself into walls till you find it ;)), which if I remember rightly leads up to the Dragon Maze. And I really hope i'm not misremembering stuff there and am just talking bollocks to you - if I am then I apologise, it's been a while since I last played CSB ;).
As for the pit at the DDD, I think that one is triggered by monsters walking on a hidden trigger on the other side of it, so you need to wait for them to respawn (or probably step on a square which generates a new one, though I'm not sure which square this is...it'll be on the starting side of the pit though, in the DDD entrance area).
Like I said, it's been ages since I last played CSb so I'm going from memory. However, if I'm wrong I'm sure plenty of peopke will jump up and down and tell me I've buggered it up and am telling you nonsense, at which point said people are likely to also then tell you the correct advice instead ;).
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Re: Diabolical demon director, any clue

Post by Jan » 25-Apr-11 08:21

Ad 1 - As Ameena said, the "Dragon maze" is a part of the
way, on the same level as
the entrance to the DDD
. You'll find it sooner or later, don't worry. Choose
Ros and up up up you go

Ad 2 - I'm even less sure than Ameena here (my memory is definitely worse) but I think the pit behind the "Trust me" is operated
by a pad at "Fighter Charge"
. Try stepping on that pad a few times. I think the pit
remains visible even if closed
, or something. Or I don't know.

EDIT: Oh, sorry, ignore me, I was talking about the other pit. Damn it! Silly me!

Others will know - that's what I know. :wink:

As I see it, I really should replay CSB again - I'm starting forgetting things, oh my. :roll:
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Re: Diabolical demon director, any clue

Post by Leslie » 27-Apr-11 13:03

As far as I remember you have to go up the stairs from the DDD. You find them when you turn right from the entrance, just have a rockpile stand on the pressure pad to close the blocking pit.

Up the stairs, enter the teleporter and follow the corridor that has some hellhounds in it. It will lead to some other stairs back into the DDD. You are now on the other side of the pit you mentioned. Go down the second stairs. In the room below, you have to make a skeleton walk on the tile in front of the door and then activate a teleporter to bring the skeleton behind the door. Then kill it with some thrown weapon. Behind the door is an eye switch which wants to see the dexhelm and the cloak of night. Presenting those items will close the pit in the DDD. The corridor behind the pit is part of the ROS way.

Hope this was correct... haven't been playing for a long time.
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Re: Diabolical demon director, any clue

Post by Ian Clark » 28-Apr-11 09:27

I think you can hold any item in front of the eye switch and it will work.

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