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Post by Sophia » 7-Oct-13 22:58

It always helps to have the latest version of DSB. If you're running an older DSB, you should upgrade!

Then use CSB for DSB. This is an automatically converted version of CSB from the Atari ST version. It should be faithful to the Atari ST version, save for ways that the DSB engine differs, like graphical enhancements and monster AI. Please mention any other conversion errors you find.

To play, simply start up DSB and select "csb," like normal. Once you've chosen your party, freeze the game and press enter to go to the DSB menu, and choose "Export To Dungeon." This will perform a CSB-utlity-disk-style export, loading your current party into the CSB dungeon. It will not automatically save your game, however, so it's probably a good idea to save as soon as you've gotten clear of the worms.

The Lua script that did the conversion is included.
Currently, it also kinda sorta works for converting DM. Finishing that up is my next project.
(And, along the way, devising some means of importing DM parties into CSB, of course...)

The conversion script is my own work, so any mistakes in the dungeon are probably my fault. However, it would not have been possible without a great deal of help and testing from Paul S, including modifying CSBuild to output the pseudo-Lua that the conversion script parses. Many thanks to him. :)

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