Where to find DM and CSB

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Where to find DM and CSB

Post by Eligh » 21-Dec-14 13:31


I played CSB a lot a few years ago using CSBwin (which was coded by "Paul" I guess) and was able to finish it with (almost) any character alone.
Now I would like to try doing it using DM characters but I think it is not possible to import DM characters in CSBwin. And I don't know where to find DM either.
So may you help telling me where I can download the 2 games and how to import characters from DM to CSB.

Thanks a lot for your answers.
And excuse me for my poor english.

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Re: Where to find DM and CSB

Post by Paul Stevens » 23-Dec-14 18:32

I think it is possible to create a new game in CSBwin
using a savegame from DM to define your characters.

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Re: Where to find DM and CSB

Post by cowsmanaut » 29-Dec-14 12:26

the main page to this website has the links to most of the clones.. (including csbwin) it may be you're jumping right to the forum, but if you go to the main page itself you'll see them all listed there.

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Re: Where to find DM and CSB

Post by Seth » 6-Feb-15 10:00

It is definitely possible, I did it on my first try with CSB.
I wanted to play solo character, but I was not sure if I can handle CSB difficulty (solo+first time). So I took csbwin with DM dungeon and I trained/completed it and I imported it to CSB

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Re: Where to find DM and CSB

Post by Ameena » 6-Feb-15 12:18

DM is in the CSBWin folder alongside CSB as far as I remember (unless they're two separate downloads...it's been several years since I downloaded it so I've forgotten). all you do is play your DM game, then when you're ready to import them into CSB you load up CSB and instead of entering the dungeon you click on the scroll that's on the floor next to the doors. That brings you to a menu of four things, which if I remember rightly are the Hint Oracle, the credits, the portrait editor, and the save game importer thing (which I can't remember the name of right now). You select that and then it asks you for a saved game, so you find your last DM save and select that - your party will be imported (without their gear, of course) and then I think it saves them as a CSB save, so you just load that and it'll stick you at the beginning of the dungeon (since the bit through the doors is only the Prison, where you can select CSB characters, and doesn't lead into the rest of the dungeon like the Hall of Champs does in DM) :).
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