Recovering creatures and expiring minions

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Recovering creatures and expiring minions

Post by Leslie » 15-Jun-18 13:15

Do you know if creatures in DM2 can recover lost health? I remember that the manual stated something like that, but I never found out if that really happens. As DM2 is lacking tough creatures like golems or dragons, the common creature simply does not live long enough to recover, I guess.

On the other hand, there are expiring minions. Minions summoned by the party vanish after casting some OH KATH RA spells, as we all know. But the same is true for evil minions, it just takes quite a while. I tested some time by having a table between the party and the minion and just dodging the spells. However, I never found out if evil guard minions also expire :)
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Re: Recovering creatures and expiring minions

Post by Sphenx » 17-Jun-18 16:07

After a quick search in the code, I do not see anything that give back health to creatures. Creature HP is set at initialization or transformation (I think specially of evil attack minion turning into guard minion). Other than that, health can be decreased when minions cast spells and in an other case of their "thinking" moment which I do not understand yet -- maybe some energy depletion over time.

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