(2nd?) Best game in DM's genre?

Got a favourite DM type game? Enjoy Eye of the Beholder? Adore Amberstar? Cherish Captive? Discuss these and more here!
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Re: (2nd?) Best game in DM's genre?

Post by Mindstone » 7-Dec-18 11:22

Betrayal at Krondor is my joint number one.

Dungeon Master is supreme at creating atmosphere and tension, still upon the throne of fantasy dungeon crawlers in 2018!

BaK was supreme at characterization, depth and story. It took until Planescape: Torment, in my opinion, for a game to reach those aesthetic literary heights again.

I strongly recommend BaK to everyone. The gameplay itself is flawed, and some parts are extremely silly (being trapped by banshees outside Sethanon for instance!) But that is what cheat programmes are for - just teleport yourself out of it! :D

As it is played for the story more than anything, I would strive to overlook its other flaws.

Oh and graphics wise I absolutely love it. That picture of Gorath looking stern and defiant as a prideful, just moredhel is forever blazoned in my memory as a vision of heroic tragedy!
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Re: (2nd?) Best game in DM's genre?

Post by Chaos-Shaman » 7-Dec-18 14:46

Good point about the static graphics. Sometimes a shot of the area is all that is needed for the description and details of where the party is located and what the mission is about.
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