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Post by Crash. » 28-Jun-13 02:37

Has anyone been watching this?

Guido Henkel is a German designer, programmer, and developer in the video game industry best known for his work on Planescape: Torment, the Realms of Arkania series of computer role playing games (also credited on Neverwinter Nights, The Ultimate Wizardry Archives, and Fallout 2). He is developing a new game called "Deathfire" ... deathfire/

"Running in a first-person view, it is a party-based real-time role-playing game with a focus on the story. It is not an open world design. Instead, it is very focussed to create maximum impact for the player. Therefore, we will very tightly control the environment the player moves through so that we can manipulate it as best as possible. This also means that it is a stepped role-playing game, by which I mean that there will be no free roaming the 3D environment. The player will take one step at a time as he explores the world."

"When we think of first-person stepped role-playing games, two candidates come to mind, immediately, I think. The first one is Dungeon Master, the granddaddy of all real-time first-person roleplaying games, and the second one would be the games in the Wizardry series. Deathfire will be like neither of them. It will be so much more. It will be as gripping as Dungeon Master – or Grimrock if you’re not old enough to have played the original Dungeon Master upon which it was based – but it will have the depth of a real role-playing game, putting it more in line with the Wizardy games, perhaps. It will be a completely amped up affair. It will be more intense and deeper than either of these games. "

User Interface first look: ... interface/

Something else to look forward to?

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Re: Deathfire

Post by zoom » 29-Jun-13 18:07

tnx for posting, this is interesting :O

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Re: Deathfire

Post by Chaos-Shaman » 30-Jun-13 09:43

great stuff, although i think turn based is a step away from the original. one of the reasons i fell in love with DM was it was live, it felt that way.
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