[Fixed for V0.50] Title music quirks

Things in RTC that do not work as expected (compared to Dungeon Master) or at all! Please read previous posts carefully to see if the bug has already been reported.

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[Fixed for V0.50] Title music quirks

Post by Gambit37 » 26-May-08 17:35

If you play music on the title screen, RTC handles it differently depending what you're doing:

1) On title screen, entering the Utils (and any of it's sub options -- Credits, Make New, etc.), the title screen music continues to play. I like this, it's GOOD.

2) On title screen, searching for saved games after pressing RESUME, the music continues to play. I like this, it's GOOD.

3) On title screen, after clicking start and entering the dungeon, RTC stops the title screen music: This is GOOD.

4) If you use Make New Adventure, the music continues while you're selecting your party as noted above (GOOD) -- however, when you click ENTER DUNGEON, it still continues. This is BAD -- as there's no way of stopping it using game mechanics.

Can you make 4 behave the same as 3 please?

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Post by George Gilbert » 1-Jun-08 13:00

Fixed for V0.50

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