Pit-trapped monsters are immobile

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Pit-trapped monsters are immobile

Post by Trantor » 6-Oct-08 12:01

I have a monster trapped on a single tile behind a pit, much like the "prisoner" mummy at the end of the Worm level in original DM. That monster is supposed to be one with ranged attacks, say, a Slime Devil, so you can have some kind of shoot-out with it over the pit.

Here comes the problem: If said monster faces me when I step in front of the pit, everything works as intended. If it doesn't and I get a side view or a back view, the monster seems completely immobile, it doesn't turn around at all (and hence it doesn't attack me, either). I tested this with Slime Devils, Swamp Slimes and Dragons, and all displayed the same behaviour. When I leave the level the monster is in and then come back, the monster seems to have flipped by 90°, though. I would like to see monsters that can flip on the spot and thus attack me. If the monster isn't trapped, but has another tile to move to, it seems to work, though.

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Post by Broken_Paladin » 6-Oct-08 12:30

What about making the monster mobile, however place a no monster zone over the pit so it can turn,etc. Unno if rts you can do that or not.

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Post by Gambit37 » 30-Dec-08 15:14

I can confirm and repeat this bug. Monsters behind pits (any kind), and no free tile to move to will become senseless to the party and immobile.

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