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DM1 and DM2 water containers incompatible

Posted: 12-Oct-08 14:24
by Trantor
Not sure if this is a bug or a suggestion, and I think it has been mentioned before as well, but here goes...

Right now, water containers of DM1 (flask, water) and DM2 (flask, bota) are incompatible. By that, I mean you can fill DM1 items only on DM1 fountains, while the same is true for DM2 items. It would be nice if I could fill my bota at a Medusa Fountain, or my DM1 flask at a DM2 fountain.

Posted: 12-Oct-08 14:46
by Broken_Paladin
I don't know to much about rtc but i gave it a ran and looked at it. I duplicated the same error and couldn't find a fix in it via the editor, the items might be hard coded in the engine?

Posted: 12-Oct-08 15:16
by Trantor
That's exactly why I posted this here Broken_Paladin, so GG could do something about the hard-coding - or whatever else produces this behaviour. :wink:

Posted: 12-Oct-08 17:05
by beowuuf
For the moment, can you layer the two types of fountain, cloned, with the same graphic so clicking a wall will get refilled either way?

Posted: 12-Oct-08 17:47
by Trantor
Actually, I just tried that Beo (thanks to the hint of a certain Dungeon Mistress), and it does indeed work. Now I also understand how Fountains are actually done in RTC, so I see that the water-drinking isn't hard-coded, and making them compatible to DM1 and DM2 items doesn't quite work right now. Oh well, I can achieve what I wanted to do, so everything's fine. Thanks! :D

Posted: 12-Oct-08 18:51
by beowuuf
is it just an item swapper?

Posted: 12-Oct-08 18:52
by Trantor
Yes, and there are only 8 slots reserved for converting. A flask needs one, a waterskin a total of three, and the direct-drinking from the fountain also needs to be there. So you would need a total of 9 slots for converting... Well, it's not a really big issue anyway, and the desired effect can be achieved.

Posted: 12-Oct-08 19:12
by beowuuf
I suppse the above is easiest, but could you do it with the wall object simply being a clickable switch, leading to a set of relays that activate convert-to actions for any permutations you wish?

Posted: 13-Oct-08 15:42
by linflas
why do you need to have DM and DM2 flasks/potions at the same time ? Same for fountains : i would clone the needed ones to be suitable with the containers.

Posted: 14-Oct-08 15:36
by Trantor
linflas: My problem was that I didn't understand how fountains actually work. I assumed the water-drinking and filling would be sort of hardcoded. Only when Sophia and Beo told me to look into the "convert"-menu did I actually understand how fountains work. Now, I'll just follow your advice. :wink: