Deleting replaced bitmaps deletes core objects

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Deleting replaced bitmaps deletes core objects

Post by Gambit37 » 13-Dec-08 23:12

If you replace the bitmaps of a core game item (DUNGEON_CLOUD_XXX for example), the editor greys out the REPLACE buttons as usual and then Edit/Delete are available instead.

If you DELETE this replaced item, it deletes the core original bitmap from the list which you really don't want.

The object will come back the next time you open the editor, but this behaviour is confusing and annoying, especially if you are trying out different images in the same session. Also, if you save the file after deleting this bitmap, when you next open it, RTC Editor gives a "Bitmap missing" warning, but with no indcation of what's actually wrong.

I also think there should be an "Are you sure?" attached to these deletions. I've deleted lots of things by mistake and had to go back to the backup text file.

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