Rez party on info screen crashes RTC

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Rez party on info screen crashes RTC

Post by Remma12 » 27-Mar-09 09:46

I'm trying to set up an encounter with a cleric, he offers to heal or resurrect the party. The info screen has 3 buttons on it, heal, rez, leave.
Heal triggers ACTION_HEAL_PARTY which works fine
now when I set Rez to trigger ACTION_RESURRECT_PARTY RTC drops to desktop with an error message.
Running a few test in a lil dungeon ACTION_RESURRECT_PARTY works fine if triggered by the party hitting a switch however if I relay my info screen to the same WALLITEM_ACTION it crashes again.
Having a triggler run over a floor switch to activate the action doesn't do anything. I think it's trying to resurrect whoever or whatever initially triggered the action

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Re: Rez party on info screen crashes RTC

Post by Jan » 27-Mar-09 10:27

Just a remark: I've never used ressurection in DM. I prefer save / load function. :P
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