Errors with clickzones on Monsters

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Errors with clickzones on Monsters

Post by Gambit37 » 12-Dec-10 20:44

I've mentioned this in a few threads before, but never properly reported it as a bug:

Monster click zones are defined incorrectly. That is, when you click on a monster to interact with it, it only seems to register a click on the right hand side of the monster. After some experimenting, I think I've worked out that the click zone for a monster is shifted by half it's width. I may be wrong, I've not done exhausted tests, but the evidence so far is compelling:

Clickzones on Flooritems and Wallitems seem to be OK.


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Re: Errors with clickzones on Monsters

Post by Chaos-Shaman » 22-Mar-11 16:18

it does seem a pain, but i thought it may be to offer the ability to throw an item rather than just click the monster, say like a dagger or what ever close range weapon you can use. maybe, i dunno
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