throwing, freezing trigger, savegame, chest!

Things in RTC that do not work as expected (compared to Dungeon Master) or at all! Please read previous posts carefully to see if the bug has already been reported.

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throwing, freezing trigger, savegame, chest!

Post by Zed5Duke » 8-Jul-18 09:48

sometime throwing weapons hit invisible wall in front of party

when trigger work by Party Or Item and party member die on hat trigger then it count that you step on it and drop item on it making some loop that freeze game

I played and saving game work for some time and then it start to regularly crash during save in some slots

when you place chest in dungeon and then change its propertiers (to different amount of item it hold) then whole game will be deleted when you try to compile it, and you cant restore it (only hope to have copy of your work)

and I have random crash during creating cant explain why have many diags files

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Re: throwing, freezing trigger, savegame, chest!

Post by Chaos-Shaman » 10-Jul-18 13:07

1 - have not experienced this problem
2 - I have had odd things happen with triggers
3 - could be corrupt, that has happened to me
4 - yes, do not put anything in a chest and delete it. FIRST delete the object in the chest, then delete the chest/bag/coin box

Most of my problems are from timing events, two things happening at once will crash the game, and the other is with triggers, swapping items over them, or party over them can crash the game. best to constantly save the module and put in other directory. RTC has bugs and really could use a touchup, it's so disappointing that GG refuses to come back and do a little fix here and there.
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Re: throwing, freezing trigger, savegame, chest!

Post by Saumun » 11-Jul-18 06:57

I haven’t experienced the first three, but the chest thing... yes.
As CS says, better to delete the whole chest and make a new one. Seems that sometimes, rather than remove that line from the text file, it keeps the object reference and makes it null.
I also had the thing where it wiped 95% of the text file, but fortunately the .bak file was okay, so I restored it from that.
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