Sound Problem

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Paul Stevens
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Sound Problem

Post by Paul Stevens » 6-Jun-11 15:52

Richard wrote to me as follows:
I downloaded dungeon master from the website which you have been credited with making.

I cannot get the sound to fun on the game.

I have windows-7 64 bit.
I told him to try DirectX. He wrote back to say it
did not help.

I have neither Windows7 nor 64-bit hardware.
Does anyone have any insights?

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Re: Sound Problem

Post by beowuuf » 6-Jun-11 16:33

I seem to recall a win7 sound discussion on one of the other sub-forums. Sorry, not in a position to investigae further right now!

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Re: Sound Problem

Post by ChristopheF » 6-Jun-11 17:01

I use Windows 7 x64 and the sound does work fine for me after enabling DirectX in the menu. I don't know what could be the issue, maybe his sound drivers?

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Re: Sound Problem

Post by money » 6-Jun-11 18:09

what version is he trying - I have win 7 64bit and it works fine here too...

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