Curiosity, Was there a pre-MacOS X port?

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Curiosity, Was there a pre-MacOS X port?

Post by slickrcbd » 4-Apr-14 11:26

A long time ago when I was in community college, I discovered the website. Around that time the Chaos Strikes Back for Windows was just being released.
Later there was a mention of a possible Macintosh port.
At the time, I had a PowerMac 6500/300 and ran Windows 95 with Virtual PC 3.0. Yet I was amazed that CSB ran acceptably well under that system when Office 97 ran slow as a slug.
Not long afterwards I managed to save enough from my part-time job to buy a new Windows 98SE computer for school.

I also recall seeing talk about a possible Macintosh port, but I never saw it.
Out of curiosity, was a port ever made for Mac OS 8.6, or was it for Mac OS X only?
That Mac in question died in 2009, and I'd mostly only used it for its TV tuner card by that point, but since I made another post on the form, I thought I'd ask.

BTW, what happened to the old posts, or was there a forum associated with that predated this one? The oldest posts of mine I can find are from 2007, but I recall being more active on a Dungeon Master forum associated with in the first couple years of the 21st century.

Sorry for asking old-time questions. My memory fails me, and I'm just curious.
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Re: Curiosity, Was there a pre-MacOS X port?

Post by Paul Stevens » 4-Apr-14 13:54

As far as I know there was only one version of CSBWin ported
to the macintosh. It was not maintained, while the Windows version
was updated in may ways. That is my recollection. But I have
never owned a macintosh and could be all wrong.

As far as the ancient postings.....someone in charge of the
forum will have to come forth. All I know is that the forum moved
here from long ago and some things were reset.
I think they tried to bring the old posts along, however.

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Re: Curiosity, Was there a pre-MacOS X port?

Post by Gambit37 » 4-Apr-14 14:32

All the various DM forums on other websites were merged into here at one time or another. I forget when.

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Re: Curiosity, Was there a pre-MacOS X port?

Post by slickrcbd » 4-Apr-14 21:41

I just couldn't find anything by searching for posts by "slick*" in the advanced search page. Only 3 posts from 2007 showed up, and I do recall a thread when I asked if anybody else preferred picking champions for their strength rather than the more balanced ones. Halk, Stamm, Sonja, Leela, Hisssa, and Daroou were normally the only six I choose from, but I almost always took Halk since he could carry the most.

Oh well, it was just idle curiosity.

My Apple IIGS is in mothballs at my mom's house. It's never left there since 1988 save for one time when the power supply was blown in early 1989 after a spring thunderstorm and I learned the difference between a power bar with a fuse and a true surge suppressor. I could fix it myself today as I'm A+ certified, but I'd only had a computer for 6 months at the time and was still learning.
I suppose since it's been offered on a website that the .FR indicates is in France for fifteen years without a copyright takedown (whatever the French equivalent of a DMCA takedown notice), there is no issue with downloading the Windows versions so I can play again sometime.

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