Unreliable site?

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Unreliable site?

Post by Gambit37 » 9-Oct-18 17:26

Over the last few weeks, I've had myriad issues connecting to this site: timeouts, blank pages, forms not submitting, etc...

Anyone else seeing this?

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Re: Unreliable site?

Post by ChristopheF » 9-Oct-18 17:51

Nope, not on my side. I usually browse here quickly once or twice a day to check for new posts. Anyone else?

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Re: Unreliable site?

Post by Paul Stevens » 9-Oct-18 18:25

I get here at least a couple times every day. No problems whatsoever.

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Re: Unreliable site?

Post by Ameena » 10-Oct-18 14:37

I'm in here once a day but haven't had any issues for a very long time...
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