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Forum rules
Please read the Forum rules and policies before posting.
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Dungeon Master Forum rules and policies

Post by Gambit37 » 28-Mar-05 21:56

Forum Rules and Policies
We're a friendly bunch here and aren't too uptight about what people can and can't do on these forums. But over the years, we've found that sticking to the following rules helps the forum run more smoothly for everyone:

1) Posting Guidelines
Feel free to post new subjects and join in existing discussions, but please bear in mind these rules:
  • Keep your posts concise: long, rambling posts are hard to follow.
  • Stick to the subject of the thread. You may be warned for "going off-topic".
  • Don't reply to your own posts too frequently: please wait for someone to comment first. This is a forum for conversation, not a soapbox.
  • Don't post offensive material. Any content that we deem to be offensive, insensitive or in any way inappropriate will be automatically deleted. Please remember that this forum has a wide age-range.
  • Don't create duplicate threads. Before posting a new thread, either browse or search the forums to see if your query has been discussed, and if so, add your thoughts to the existing thread.
  • Don't start a thread and then ignore it. If you don't engage in a conversation that you started, especially if it's a dubious subject, it may be deleted.
  • Don't quote other's posts if you don't need to. If your reply appears directly after the post that you're referring to, you don't need to quote it! And when quoting a large message, just quote the bits you need, not the entire message. (You can copy and paste the bit you want and surround it with [quote][/quote] tags).
  • Starting a thread does not give you ownership of it. You don't get any special privileges over a thread that you started and you're still subject to all the forum rules.
2) No Guest Posting
You can only post on this forum as a registered member. Registering requires you to submit your e-mail address, but only for purposes of activation and forum admin. Your e-mail address won't be revealed nor passed on. Your address is hidden from general view even on the 'e-mail user' option.

3) General chat
To chat generally with other members, use the Welcome forum. Game specific discussion should happen in the relevant forum(s).

4) Reporting bugs in games/dungeons
If you're reporting a bug in one of the DM clones (RTC or DSB) or a custom dungeon, please open a new thread for each new bug. But remember to check that no-one else has already posted it before you.

5) Behaviour
We're fairly easy going but we won't tolerate bad behaviour. You'll be warned for any of the following:
  • Insulting, upsetting or obstructing other members, in particular the forum staff.
  • Gratuitous use of bad language. We reserve the right to censor some words.
  • Deliberately flaming, trolling or spamming.
  • Ignoring the forum rules.
6) Warnings and Bans
We use the built in warning system to issue warnings to any members who break any of the rules. If you receive three warnings, you'll be automatically banned from the forums and will not be able to join again. Please play nicely.

7) Forum Staff Roles
The forum staff keep the forum safe for all our members, and may do any or all of the following as part of their role:
  • Offer guidance to forum members on issues such as appropriate forum behaviour.
  • Help to arbitrate disputes between members.
  • Ban spammers or other users who post objectionable content or behave offensively.
  • Modify or delete posts that don't stick to the forum rules.
  • Keep the forum running smoothly on a day to day basis.
Forum staff members have their name displayed in GREEN or RED throughout the forum. If you have any questions about a request made of you by the forum staff, you may discuss it with them via private message. The forum staff are displayed here: Forum Staff

8) Summary
It takes time to develop relationships with people, whether it's on-line or in real life. Don't assume that because this is a forum you can mess about with people before you know them a little better. Show some respect and you'll receive the same in return. If you act like a know-it-all and upset people, you'll likely be banned. It's also important to understand that text is a bad place to read emotions - don't assume someone is being offensive if their reply is short, and also don't assume someone is getting at you in particular if they point out something every new person does that clutters the forums. It's not personal, we just want the forums to be a nice place for everyone.

With that in mind, we're glad you found this place and look forward to discussing Dungeon Master with you, and anything else that takes your fancy.

We hope you enjoy your time here! :-)