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Post by beowuuf » 29-Sep-07 15:01

If you have problems registering an account, here are some common problems:

- We ban certain e-mail addresses to reduce the spam we get around here. Usually it's only non-existing ones, occasionally over-enthusiasm means a legitimate domain gets banned.
- We ban certain names for a period of time or sections of name to bypass a certain spam-bot.
- An e-mail address was mis-typed, or the mail was not received. Therefore, you cannot activate your account
- An account was not activated, and you try to create another with the same name or e-mail address and it is refused


Send one of the admins an email from your usual email account (you can't let us know via the forum as you can't post until you've registered). Give us as many details as possible, including the name you registered with and the email address. We don't need the password.

m a t t [ at ] f r i s k d e s i g n [ d o t ] c o m
b e o w u u f [ at ] y a h o o [ d o t ] c o m

Usually an admin is around most of the time, have some patience and you should get on ok in a day or so.

Thanks for your understanding!

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