Server Move this weekend: Possible down time

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Server Move this weekend: Possible down time

Post by Gambit37 » 1-Jun-15 14:39

Hi everyone

The server that hosts these forums will be upgraded this weekend, from 00:00 BST Friday 5th June. The forums may go offline during this work.
Don't panic if you can't view the forums, just try again in a few hours.

Here's the original message from the hosting company

As hardware gets older it not only becomes obsolete but also more likely to experience a failure. We are working through some old hardware and replacing it with new, faster equipment and your server (SRV16) is next to be replaced.

The new hardware is already online and has been thoroughly tested. We are also moving from a 4 drive SAS RAID10 setup to a setup using only SSD drives in RAID10 for huge speed improvements.

The transfer will be started at midnight on Friday 5th June.

All IPs will change during the transfer however there will be no downtime and no nameserver changes are required.
If you are using an external DNS provider the old server will remain online for a few days to give you time to make any changes.

The transfer is expected to take around 48 hours and a second email will be sent once complete.

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