Problem with sound! (DM2)

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Problem with sound! (DM2)

Post by Kane » 7-Dec-05 21:29

I have a problem. I play Dungeonmaster2 over the DOS box. It works well. But do not function the sound of effects. The music however already. What can lie? Thanks already in advance

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Tom Hatfield
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Post by Tom Hatfield » 9-Dec-05 20:09

Perhaps you need to run Setup again and manually configure the sound settings? Try choosing a different sound card and make sure the settings correspond to whatever you use in DOSBox (check the documentation for supported cards and default settings).

Also, turn the sound volume all the way up in DM2. I've had this problem on my PC before (not DOSBox): sometimes the sound just isn't there. Other times it is. Not really sure what causes it.

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