Conflux2 - Way of Tzu

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Conflux2 - Way of Tzu

Post by Chewbacca » 28-Dec-05 22:57

How do I get out of this place with the purple monsters? Gando's about to die of thirst!
I did it before, but I had more keys. All I've got now is one gold, one iron, one emerald, and I think what I need is a square one. The stairwell is closed, and so is the wooden door in the main room. No idea what is meant by meditate on a solution. Can I open the door somehow? It's quite early on so I can't use powerful magic.

[edit] Okay I can get out cuz I found the solid key but still can't get through wooden door or solve riddle if anyone wants to help out...[/edit]
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Post by Zyx » 29-Dec-05 00:05

face the stairway.

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