What does $2000 and 7 employees get you?

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What does $2000 and 7 employees get you?

Post by newguy » 26-May-08 00:36

Countless times I meet these seven
while circling down that spiral heaven
perfect bliss, without debate
each always faithful with no hate.

So what is this, this perfect code
A life long tale, without compare
What is this I ask of you?
Name it now with letters true.
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Post by Sophia » 26-May-08 01:03

Screenshots/downloads or it didn't happen

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Post by beowuuf » 26-May-08 07:27

DMJava related?

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Post by linflas » 26-May-08 08:18

looks like a teaser for a DM commercial game project..

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Post by Gambit37 » 26-May-08 12:32

Would have to be "inspired by" DM... Wayne still holds all copyrights!

As Sophia says, more news please or this is just spam.

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Post by ian_scho » 26-May-08 14:07

newguy's posts (so Beo's idea could be close):
http://www.dungeon-master.com/forum/sea ... hor=newguy

For $2000 split between 7 probably well qualified employees you get.... A fantastic lunch break! Woohoo! I like forward to the orderves :)

We wait with anticipation.