A blatant plug for a new blog!

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A blatant plug for a new blog!

Post by Sophia » 29-Aug-08 19:15

I have started to write for a gaming blog, focused on writing about current and retro games that you can actually play, as opposed to the hype machine that seems to pervade many gaming blogs.


Please check it out. :D

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Post by Trantor » 14-Sep-08 19:00

I'll take a look eventually - once I've skimmed through the 1000+ posts I missed in my latest absence. :wink:

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Post by Gambit37 » 14-Sep-08 23:25

I just had a quick read of some of the entries. Looks very promising indeed. I responded to your Jiggle Physics post, Sophia. :)

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Post by ian_scho » 15-Sep-08 06:16

The jiggle physics post was sublime, I have to admit.