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Post by Gambit37 » 3-Dec-06 14:13

One other thing I should have mentioned: The fact that trees and boulders vanish after three tiles is quite jarring and does detract somewhat from the believability. It's less of an issue in the darkened forest, but the daylight part at the beginning makes it very noticeable.

I know there's not really much you can do about this with the current mechanics. I wonder if it would be tricky for GG to make pillars (which I assume that's what they are clones of) have more scalings?

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Post by beowuuf » 3-Dec-06 14:54

Personally when I thought about this waaaaaaaaaaaay back in the day, I always thought of faking it with toggling floor items floating above the ground view that would ape the disappearing areas.

Depends if this is for the whole dungeon, or merely for small areas of it

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Post by linflas » 4-Dec-06 13:11

it's nearly what is done for Yaztromo's tower : i use a flooritem for the far-distant views and a wallitem for the closer views and the interaction (door knocking).
of course, i second gambit for a 5-tiles ahead view that would affect only flooritems.

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Post by Parallax » 4-Dec-06 15:11

I'd love to see that implemented as well. Of course, now that you have demonstrated that it falls in the 'can already be done with existing mechanics' category, I doubt we'll see it soon. ;)

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