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Editor Suggestions

Post by andyboy_uk » 30-May-07 23:17

Hi George, its been a while but i couldnt help but have a look at the new editor and engine and what a fabulous achievment, well done. A couple of suggestions for you regarding the editor (feel free to take on board or ditch as you see fit).

1. I know this was me being stupid, but I had a teleporter which put the party onto another teleporter that took the party back to the original teleporter spot, causing an infitine teleporter loop, managed to get through the sanity check in the editor but managed to crash RTC wonderfully. I know this was ultimatley me being at fault, but may want to put a note there for careless people like me :)

2. I did a random scattering of objects on a particular level and it put a bunch of things on stairsdown and stairsup floor items, it probably makes little difference (i didnt check - just deleted the few anomolies) but again may be a quick thing to fix.

3. If im making a trigger and select a tile, I always then have to choose which item on the tile I want to affect, this is cool, but if there is only one item on the tile then can the editor auto select that?

4. When doing large triggers I noticed some of the dialog boxes have CANCEL as the primary option when you use the enter key, for the point mentioned in 3, if I could just use ENTER in quick succession then that would be cool, but it was cancelling one of the screens, I think the item list on the tile that held the original trigger.

Thats all I can think of for now, hope this feedback helps, keep up the good work.



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