Party position specific cursors

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Party position specific cursors

Post by Gambit37 » 14-Dec-08 16:06

At the moment you can specify custom 'hand' cursors for characters.

I think an extra nice addition would be to allow custom cursors for party position, so for example you could have a hand that has a coloured cuff and this cuff relates to the colour of the active party member (leader.)

I like this because it helps the player remember which character is leader and would also help with ACTIONs that affect the leader that do stuff not readily apparent.

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Post by Lord_BoNes » 15-Dec-08 09:52

I like this idea. You could also change it depending on the primary character class, a fighter might have a sword cursor, while a mage might have a staff (referring to the leader here of course).

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Post by Lunever » 15-Dec-08 14:11

Good idea!
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