Restricting character level...suggestion for RTC

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Restricting character level...suggestion for RTC

Post by Trego » 9-Oct-09 12:18

Have a tick box in level setup, or some way to restrict experience levels.

This well mean plots then can play a key roll in success, or make very challenging contests where completing it at the lowest experience level is sort after, as well as quickest time.

I like the book idea that is similar to 'restricted runes' , where completed quests can/could be recorded: 'killed 10 rats, fighter +1', 'collected 4 palm apples, priest +1' , etc. Not sure if each character would want different books to allow for swapping characters in and out during play, and only those hardened characters rep the bonus of higher levels.

but even if there was an object (four really, one for fighter, ninja, wizard, and priest) like a counter that related to experience level and as the counter increased so could the level. For more complex affects you could be select which characters would or would not be effected.

I have no idea how hard this would be to implement, just though it would be worth asking.
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Re: Restricting character level...suggestion for RTC

Post by Duckman » 9-Oct-09 13:00

Good idea. There could also be a possiblity to give MORE than 15 levels, and something to control how much experince is needed.
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