(fixed) Seg fault when nonsensically cycling leader

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(fixed) Seg fault when nonsensically cycling leader

Post by kaypy » 16-Feb-14 08:29

I get a crash fault on the following circumstances:

Have exactly 1 champion
Hit the next leader hotkey (presumably by accident)

Sometimes the prev leader hotkey causes crashes, too. Other times it means that everything "works" after that...
Location: 0 10 5
Reason: Segmentation Fault
Stack Dump:
One other oddity, when the swap leader buttons are working, they will cycle through the empty party slots, whereas it would probably make more sense to just use the existing members. Hmm. What happens when the non-existent leader tries to pick something up, I wonder?

Ah, you can quite happily have your non-existent leader cart stuff around for you, with no penalty to anyone for the encumbrance. Could be quite useful if it didn't risk causing the end of the world.

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