Dm hotfix and transfer

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Dm hotfix and transfer

Post by kaypy » 21-Feb-14 16:33

I discovered too late that the DM download at ... 73&t=29633
doesn't actually include half of the known bugfixes yet.

So I made a tweaked startup.lua that fixes all the known bugs for a mid-game savefile ...

It's rather specific though- it would probably need tweaking to work on a different version to where has a CRC of E29B56F9

Replace the startup.lua; load the savefile; take a step; put back the original startup.lua after you next save.

While I was at it, I also rigged up a way to dump your character stats into a form that's a copypaste away from import into DSBCSB

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Re: Dm hotfix and transfer

Post by Sophia » 21-Feb-14 19:08

Thanks for doing this!
I had prioritized making the true conversion of DSB CSB and sort of forgot about that old version of DM. :oops:

The script that produced DSB CSB produces a semi-functional DM, but there are quite a few kinks, I think.
If you'd like to play with it, it's included with DSB CSB; you'll also need the latest version of CSBuild that can produce the pseudo-Lua ascii dumps that script needs.

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