(done) Suggestion about buttons

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(done) Suggestion about buttons

Post by Zed5Duke » 25-Mar-14 18:59

I was confused in editor because buttons seem not work, and am found what is the case: Am first select destination and then change to "deactivate" option, and click OK. This don't work because it always back to default option "activate". Properly to work its need to first change option for "deactivate" and then select destination on map. I think it is possible that even known that somebody in hurry may forget that and set on map not working button.

BTW am also found that it is impossible to edit options, when am once set "deactivate" can't change this now to "toggle" must delete and set button again

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Re: Suggestion about buttons

Post by Sophia » 26-Mar-14 01:05

The usual way ESB works is to set what you want to place first-- the type of object, the type of message, or whatever-- and then click where you want that thing to go. So, I'd really rather not change something like that around.

However, I think it's a perfectly reasonable request to be able to change a message after it's already been added, so I'll do that by adding a "Set" button that changes the target to whatever you have specified currently. This will prevent having to delete and readd messages whose type you want to change.

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