[April Fool's] Loot Boxes

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[April Fool's] Loot Boxes

Post by Sophia » 1-Apr-18 08:08

With the loot box craze that is popular in (i.e., ruining) modern games, I thought I would add loot boxes to DSB, too. After all, there's already a certain amount of randomization in CSB, and some DSB dungeons do even more with random content, so... why not just completely randomize rewards?

Loot boxes will contain anything from common drops like worm rounds and daggers, to rare drops like useful weapons and armor, to ultra-rare drops like The Inquisitor, Dragon Spit, or Mophus's underwear. You'll be able to find loot boxes hidden in the dungeon in various places, as well as having a 1% chance to get one when you kill an enemy. That's not a very high chance, so you'll have to kill a lot of enemies... or, if you decide you don't want to spend that much time, of course you'll be able to purchase more loot boxes via microtransactions. Sounds exciting, right?

There's more! You might even find the Firestaff itself inside of a loot box. That means you might not even have to play the game at all, just open enough loot boxes and you might be a winner! Fun for everyone!

If this goes over well, and I see no reason why it wouldn't, I'll look into incorporating multiplayer, so you can watch other people open loot boxes at the same time as you open your loot boxes, and then use your loot to beat each other up. The player with the most loot will probably win, so don't forget to stock up.

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Re: Loot Boxes

Post by Ameena » 1-Apr-18 09:22

Bahh, finding the Firestaff isn't a guaranteed free win since you'd still have to trap Chaos with it. You should make it that people paying the maximum tier of money go straight to the victory screen on clicking the button to open the dungeon doors at the start!
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Re: Loot Boxes

Post by terkio » 1-Apr-18 14:53

There are trap chests in the game "Dragon Flight". Many chests found in dungeons, opening gives items or injuries. They work that way all year around, not at a specific date.
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Re: Loot Boxes

Post by JETENGINE » 6-Apr-18 20:20

How about a possible chance that an item from such a box is cursed until you can pay to get it uncursed?
Would there be a way to disable some items from the loot box rewards?
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Re: Loot Boxes

Post by stamm » 7-Apr-18 23:46

Don't suppose anyone has a working link for "Probably Solvable- A random dungeon generator"? The downloads seem to be missing on the thread Sophia linked to.

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Re: Loot Boxes

Post by kaypy » 9-Apr-18 10:41

I think the link at the end of the thread should work, but I'm actually doing some last tweaking on a new version...

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