Hello everybody!

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Hello everybody!

Post by Pres_du_Donjon » 11-Apr-18 17:47

Hello, my name is Simone, I'm 38 from Turin, Italy.

I'm a huge fan of Dungeon Master and Chaos Strikes Back since I played them for the first time in 1991 on my Amiga 500. After that, I played them over and over again countless times, both on the Amiga and then on PC with WinUae emulator.

Back in school days, I also invented my own dungeons, items and monsters, drawing maps and the like on notebooks. I still have everything with me, and my dream would be to create these custom sequels to DM and CSB for real, so everybody could play them. In the past I've looked for some DM editor around, but never found anything beyond the old 1989 one to modify DM maps.

Do know if there's any modern editor to design your own maps, items, monsters, doors, and the like?
Thank you!

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Paul Stevens
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Re: Hello everybody!

Post by Paul Stevens » 11-Apr-18 18:43

Many people like RTC. One strike against it-----it has been abandoned
and has some bugs.

DSB is a good choice. It too has been abandoned but the author is
still around to provide help. It provides hooks for scripts.

CSBwin/CSBuild is the hardest to use. It is being maintained. To see
what can be accomplished, look at Zyx' Conflux game. It has no
provision for higher resolution graphics. A plus-----it has been ported
to PocketPC, Linux, and Raspberry Pi.

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Re: Hello everybody!

Post by Ameena » 12-Apr-18 13:33

Heya, welcome to the forum :D. There are a whole bunch of custom dungeons that people have made and uploaded around here (or via the Encyclopaedia) for people to play - feel free to make your own and add those too :). As Paul has said, there are three "main" DM clones to use. The RTC editor is pretty easy to use - I used it a bit myself, though I went off RTC in general because it wasn't quite the same as the original DM (it's made from scratch rather than using the original version), so things like monster spell damage are much higher than they should be. I've never tried DSB, so I can't say anything about that, but Sophia, who made it, is still about :). As for CSBWin, that's the version I use if I want to actually play DM/CSB, since it's a direct port of the Atari version that I played back when I was about six. But I understand the editor is rather complicated, as Paul says (and he should know - he made it ;)). I've never tried it myself, however.
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Re: Hello everybody!

Post by Sophia » 12-Apr-18 21:55

Since I'm still around to provide help I'm not sure if it's really fair to say DSB has been abandoned. I'm not going to be adding any major features but I'm still willing to fix bugs. Other than that I agree with everything Paul said. :mrgreen:

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