Hi from Dash!

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Hi from Dash!

Post by dash » 11-Oct-18 04:33

Hi all,
I wanted to pop on and say hi before I got too lost in posts. I recently started playing D&D about a year ago, though I have been a fan for a long time. A co-worker of mine plays and said if I could help get a game going she would play with me, so I did. It's been about a year and I still love the game and my very first character (an elf monk). Since then I have played two other characters. A tortle rogue named Dash (as you can see my online persona) and a Gnome Wizard (Necromancer) named Bim. I love them all but my co-worker and I have a real love for our characters Mudd n' Dash. Mudd is an albino half orc cleric with no tongue - Dash does the talking for him and is pretty horrible at it. We have a lot of fun with these two characters. We created our own blog and have posted all kinds of things from the pov of our characters as well as our own thoughts. Needless to say D&D has been a big part of my life for the past year. My next adventure is coming at the end of the month where I will become a DM for the first time. So, what better place to find some experience than a forum for DM's right? So I am here hoping to be able to find some advice and tips! Would love to meet other like minded people who enjoy the game and can't wait to start my very own campaign!
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Re: Hi from Dash!

Post by Gambit37 » 11-Oct-18 07:09

Welcome Dash! You've stumbled across our little corner of the web. Unfortunately, the "Dungeon Master" name used here is a very old computer game from the 1980s, and not connected to D&D. We're a bunch of old gaming nerds who obsess over the old Dungeon Master game and it's sequels...

But that said, there *are* people here who play D&D and other pen-and-paper RPGs. I don't play them myself, so I'll let some of the other members chime in here who know more about that. :)

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Re: Hi from Dash!

Post by Ameena » 11-Oct-18 13:03

Hi :). As Gambit says, this isn't the DM you're looking for. A lot of people seem to make this mistake, even though I'm sure it says it somewhere on the main page that we're not about DnD. That said, I'm one of the people who do play...though if you've only been playing for the past year or so then presumably you're using Fifth Edition - when I started, Fourth was the current version so that's the one I know best and have played by far the most :D. I do watch a weekly DnD stream (High Rollers) that uses Fifth Edition but I don't think I'd fancy playing with it - some things seem to have gone back to the fiddly ways of pre-Fourth Editon and I would prefer them not to be so ;).

Personally I don't currently have anyone I know IRL that I can really play with (though I'm working on a couple of friends >:)), but I've been a member of a site called RPOL (Roleplay Online) for several years now and have a couple of games on the go there, one of which I'm actually running. It's basically forum-based play so some things are by necessity done a little differently from tabletop, but it's fun :D.

Anyway, feel free to stick around and chat about DnD/gaming in general if you want :).
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