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Re: Character creation!

Post by ian_scho » 24-Apr-12 06:26

Got it!
Thiy would have her 2 sais, her monk robes (whether or not they would be obviously of the order she just left or not is up to you, Ian), 10 shurikens and 2d6g she ripped off from the fat pig when she fled.
In addition everyone gets 15g to spend on non weapon/armor items such as bedrolls, rations, ect. (btw, a plain canvas tent is 5 gp, the 10gp one in the PHB is a thick waterproofed one). This 15g represents stuff you have aquired pre campaign and any left over $ disappears if not spent. You can also spend any of your starting pay on stuff too if you want. The only thing you can't buy is magic items/potions/flasks ect.
I completely missed that earlier, ty. Will try to update the char sheet later tonight.

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Re: Character creation!

Post by Ameena » 24-Apr-12 11:28

I do still need to sort out my skills - shouldn't take long, though. I'll e-mail you my completed char sheet when I'm done but I won't post it on the forum just yet...
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