An independent movie directed by my brother

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An independent movie directed by my brother

Post by Zyx » 11-Mar-15 14:36

Some bold, friendly promotion: ^ ^

My brother Enguerran Prieu is trying to give a closure to this big,
independent project, for which I wrote the story, and Ameena some lyrics: the full-length movie
"Rock'N'Roll Over: A Story Of The Giallo Queens".

5 years in the making, this project started small, with no resource at
all. But with skill and will, it has grown into something big. Now
Enguerran needs the manpower to finish it: last shots, post-production,

If you're interested into being part of this, helping, cheering, or just
want to know some more, Click here: ... llo-queens

Any help is welcome, like sharing on social media. Thank you!

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