Story of DM2 linked to that of DM and CSB?

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Story of DM2 linked to that of DM and CSB?

Postby Leslie » 5-Apr-17 13:44

Hi everyone,
I am still thinking if the story of DM2 is somehow linked to the story of DM featuring the Gray lord, Lord Chaos and Theron.
Throughout the whole game of DM2, there was not even the faintest clue. Only after finishing the game by killing Dragoth, there was a short film sequence showing Dragoth visit Lord Chaos and report about his failure. Lord Chaos then transforms Dragoth into a worm.
But... that's all? Why is Lord Chaos even there, actually? Wasn't he reunited with the Gray Lord forever after finishing CSB?
They could have put some more "love" into developing the story.
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Re: Story of DM2 linked to that of DM and CSB?

Postby Ameena » 6-Apr-17 13:31

Yeah, I never really knew what the story for DM2 was either, or who exactly Torham is (he has the surname "Zed" but whether or not he's related to Zed of the original DM is never stated, atl east not that I've ever seen). And yeah, there is no reason why Lord Chaos should be there as far as I'm aware...
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