Dungeon Master for PC

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Dungeon Master for PC

Postby +Paul Smart » 17-Jan-01 13:31

This is a BRILLIANT DM website. I absolutely loved Dungeon Master when I got it for the Atari ST and now I've found it for the PC. I'm just SOOOO happy. I play it everyday now... or I would if I could kill get any further. I'm stuck on level 3 at the door with 6 rooms. I can't get over the pit in 'The Vault'. What spell do I have to use? Please e-mail the answer to me if you know.
+Paul Smart

Postby +mike » 18-Jan-01 13:31

I'm not exactly sure where you are, but I think you might be at the part where you press a button to start a force field, and then throw an object into the force field. The object is diverted by the force field onto a pressure plate that closes the pit. I think....

Postby cowsmanaut » 18-Jan-01 13:31

isn't the the vault the one that says "cast your influence cast you might"?
I should go check.. I may have just confused him.. oops
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Re: Re: Re: Dungeon Master for PC

Postby beowuuf » 18-Jan-01 13:32

Yes, the vault is the 'cast your influence, cast your might' one. If you cast a ZO spell (ist symbol then 6th) at the door, then throw an object through the open door, the pit will close.
If you check out the page this links from (the Un-Official DM website), or find out the link for the DM/CSB encyclopoedia, then you can find out the answer to any further questions.
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Re: Re: Re: Re: Dungeon Master for PC

Postby +xit_vono » 19-Jan-01 13:32

Yes you have to use the zo spell. To do this use the symbol that looks like << and then use the symbol with 3 circles. It's the 6th one on the bar.

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