CSB for Windows csbgame.dat File Editor

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CSB for Windows csbgame.dat File Editor

Postby JoeAnkenbauer » 26-Feb-17 17:24

Hello, everyone. I just recently found Paul's wonderful CSBWin program. I am not doing so well, and I was wondering if anyone knows of a csbgame.dat file? I would like to increase some of my health levels.


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Re: CSB for Windows csbgame.dat File Editor

Postby Ameena » 27-Feb-17 10:09

Just to check, if you're playing DM did you make sure you've enabled "DM Rules" which I think is unde the Options menu? If you don't, heroes will take ahit to their hp when you first recruit them since as far as I can recall CSBWin was a port of CSB first (hence the name) and DM was added afterwards so it uses the CSB rules as a base (in which the hp deduction occurs). DM is basically "easy mode" compared to all the other dungeons out there (CSB and all the fan-made ones) so if you have DM Rules activated and still find yourself having trouble maybe slow down a bit and stop for some training? There are a few spots where mobs respawn, most notably the Screamer Room on Level Four and the Rat Room on Level Nine, both of which are food sources and both of which also happen to have a fountain nearby so you can't run out of supplies training at either, so if you're having issues maybe stop by whichever of those is closest to where you are and spend some time whacking stuff :D.
DM is possible without needing to stop and train though so maybe just take your time and fight carefully :). It's also possible that, even if you have DMRules turned on, that you happened to pick some low-hp heroes anyway (Tiggy has the lowest, for example).
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Re: CSB for Windows csbgame.dat File Editor

Postby Paul Stevens » 27-Feb-17 15:55

If you want to modify the characters while they are still in
the portraits (Before you select them during gameplay), you
can do that with CSBuild very easily.

Let us know if this is what you want and we can guide you
through the process.

If you want to edit active characters, I think maybe you are
out of luck. The CSBGAME.dat file is rather tough to decode.
I could add an 'Export/Import characters' feature to CSBuild but even
then you would need to edit it with a Hex Editor; it would not
be a user-friendly process.

Lastly, Ameena is quite right. DM is easily won, even with an
unmodified, solo Tiggy. All it takes is a little practice with
the keyboard and the Dungeon-Master Two Step . I find it
much more difficult when using only the mouse.
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