So, tell us about yourself...

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Re: So, tell us about yourself...

Postby boyflea » 15-Feb-17 08:53

Hey, loric - and welcome one and all.
I wonder how many have joined since my last survey: DM celebrates 30 years this year and it is terrific to see members still trickle into these forums, :).

If I may ask, if you have been lurking loric, what prompted you to pipe up?
Always keen to know what draws people here and what could help and compel others to join in.
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Re: So, tell us about yourself...

Postby Ameena » 15-Feb-17 14:35

Heya, welcome to the forum :D. So, have you played DM much? Did you play it "back in the day" like a lot of us did or did you discover it more recently?
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Re: So, tell us about yourself...

Postby Jan » 16-Feb-17 13:54

Hello, Loric, and welcome (unofficially :) )!
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